Get Involved

We welcome all new members and there are so many ways to help us, so why not get involved!

Together we speak to local residents about the issues that matter to them, we leaflet at election times, support local community groups and projects, and of course, when possible members get discounted prices for tickets to our events. 

Every contribution to our team is appreciated and welcomed.

It would be great to have you on board, why not come and join us?

Join us today:

Please follow this link if you have any questions or you would like to contact us.


There are countless ways you can help, some of which are outlined below.

Leaflet Delivery/Display a Poster

From helping to stuff envelopes, displaying a poster in your window to show your support in election time or by helping to deliver leaflets. We have a regular programme of leaflet delivery to all homes in the constituency.

You could simply volunteer to deliver your road or further afield, either on a regular basis or just during election campaigns. Every bit, really does help. You can deliver as many or as few as you wish. We will not press you to do more than you are able to.

Our aim is to have a large number of volunteers, each delivering a small number of leaflets. You don't have to be a member to help deliver leaflets, Andrea and your local Conservatives are grateful for any help you can give.



The principal benefit of Conservative Party membership is the right to participate. Paid up members of the Conservative Party have:

•A vote in the election of the Party Leader.
•A vote in the selection of candidates for parliamentary, local government and European elections.
•Direct influence in the development of policy. 
•The chance to attend the Party Conference.
•The opportunity to meet influential, like minded people.
•A range of other benefits including e-mail updates and discounted ticket prices.
•The right to attend local Branch Meetings.

Cost is £25.00 per year


Donate & Become a Friend

If Membership isn’t for you but you still want to support the Party, become a Friend by making a donation of your choice. It’s a great way to get involved in the Party and in our local campaigns.

Donations are a very important method of fundraising, and every penny counts. All money raised goes towards running costs, and the costs of electing Conservatives to fight for a fair and open society.

All donations are greatly appreciated, and every penny donated is put to good use: 
You can donate to Andrea's campaign with a cheque to: Andrea Jenkyns Campaign Fund or email: Campaigns@MorleyandOutwoodConservatives.Org.UK

•£2 pays for 150 lapel stickers
•£5 pays for 15 letters to recruit new members
•£10 provides 500 colour 'calling cards' for doorstep canvassing
•£15 funds a leaflet campaign to 500 voters 
•£50 buys 25 poster boards for elections
•£100 pays for 5000 colour A3 newspapers

EMAIL US: at Team@MorleyandOutwoodConservatives.Org.UK

WRITE TO US: at Morley & Outwood Conservatives, 62 Queen Street, Morley, LS27 9BP.


Social Events

As a member of the local Conservative Party you will be notified of the many social functions held throughout the year. Recent events include an evening with Jacob Rees-Mogg, Afternoon tea & Discussion with the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, Andrea's Christmas Dinner with David Davis MP, Brexit Celebration Dinner with Dominic Raab MP, a drinks reception with Esther McVey, and much more.