LE17 - Stanley & Outwood East Candidate selected

We are excited to announce Nathan Garbutt Moore is our candidate for the Stanley & Outwood East by-election. Nathan lives locally and works within the ward recruiting and training young people in skills that are vital to employment. He has successfully placed many young people from Stanley and Outwood into apprenticeships. 

After years of the Labour run council leasing off the local community centre and allowing developers to build on our Greenfield land, Nathan is hoping to become a fresh voice for the people of Stanley and Outwood East.

After discussion with local residents, Nathan has outlined three major issues that he wants to tackle if he is successfully elected:

-Planning: Nathan will stand up for local residents against inappropriate planning developments in the local area.

-Highways: Nathan will tackle the council maintains the transport infrastructure by improving roads and tackling potholes.

-Community Facilities: Nathan has promised to fight tooth and nail for the local community facilities.

This election is an excellent opportunity for real, positive change for the ward with Nathan bringing a fresh voice to local politics, standing up for local residents and holding the council to account. 

Nathan's first election leaflet, with further information, can be found here: