Local News

Action Day in Stanley & Outwood East

Out in the Stanley & Outwood East ward today. We had great chats on the doorstep, despite the weather!

Thanks to residents who passed on their views, and said they'd be voting Conservative next time ?

Afterwards, we dried off in the local!

Action Evening in Lofthouse

Out in Lofthouse again tonight, great responses and some detailed chats with residents

Thanks again to all our volunteers for giving their time this evening!

As always, we stopped off in the local for a fantastic chat afterwards 



Action Day in Newton Hill

Out getting a tan today in the Newton Hill area....and listening to residents views with local Cllr Nic Stansby, and Cllr for Wakefield Rural Sam Harvey.

Action Evening in Lofthouse

Out after work again this evening in Lofthouse, braving the rain.

Great to see residents tonight and hear their views, come rain or shine!

As always, we finished with a nice drink on the local pub ?

Action Day in Wrenthorpe

Out again today in Wrenthorpe listening to residents. Great responses and great weather once again ?

Thanks to all our volunteers who came to help, and residents who said they'd be voting for us in any upcoming election!

Action Day in Lofthouse

Another sunny day out listening to residents in Lofthouse.

Thanks to all our volunteers who came to help, and residents who said they'd be voting for us in the future!

Then after campaigning, the pub!

Great few pints at the Gardeners Arms

Action Day in Outwood

Out getting a tan in Outwood with Cllr Nic Stansby and volunteers, talking to residents and hearing their views - and it's not even election time!

Close Results

In addition to our fantastic GAIN in Wrenthorpe & Outwood West, we came very close to gaining seats in other wards across the constituency. In particular, Ardsley & Robin Hood and Stanley & Outwood East. 

Conservative GAIN in Wrenthorpe & Outwood West

Nic Stansby, the Wrenthorpe and Outwood West candidate was elected in yesterday's local elections, with 44% of the vote and a majority of 161. 

Nic is the constituency's first Conservative councillor in some time,