GE17 Announcement

On Tuesday the 18th of April, the Prime Minister announced her decision to hold a snap General Election on the 8th of June.

Parliament ratified this decision through a vote on the 19th of April in the House of Commons, through which 522 MPs voted in favour of an early General Election, and only 13 against.

Theresa May and the Cabinet came to the decision to hold a General Election with the best interests of our great Country at heart. Returning to the European negotiating table with an increased majority will strengthen our negotiating hand as the EU27 will know that they are dealing with a united and determined United Kingdom, rather than a coalition of chaos between the SNP, Labour and Liberal Democrats who will increase our debt, increase our taxes and cause economic chaos. This must not happen.

Morley and Outwood was a headline story of the 2015 General Election, when your hard work and resolve dislodged one of the biggest political figures of the last Labour government. We very much look forward to ensuring that, with your support, Morley and Outwood moves from a Conservative Gain in 2015 to a Conservative Hold in 2017.


Chairman: Tarsilo Onuluk

Tarsilo Onuluk